Mattresses Ergonomic memories

Absolute H26

The Absolute H26 Mattress, with a totally removable cover, is designed to give you excellent comfort and freshness thanks to latest generation material.

Eco Original H22

o original is a hypoallergenic Memory Foam mattress, made with innovative Polyurethane foam and viscoelastic open-cell Memory Foam, which guarantees ventilation.

Giampy Memory H22

The Giampy Memory mattress stands out thanks to its removable cover in Polyester, produced with the special Silver Safe process using silver ions, which guarantees an anti-dust mite and antimicrobial function.

Memo H22

emo is the new Bisniflex mattress in slow-release Memory Foam, with removable and recyclable cover, to give you total relax thanks to natural raw materials.

Memo Relax H22

Memo Relax is a Memory Foam mattress that gives you exceptional support, perfectly adapting to your body shape. Thermo+ cover with thermoregulating system.

Memo Shape H22

r Ergonomical Memory Foam Memo Shape has a special Cooler removable and thermoregulator cover, to maximize sleep quality and give you a relaxing sleep environment.

Moon H24

oon is a cosy mattress in latest-generation polyurethane foam with a porosity 5 times higher compared to standard products. It's an always dry and comfortable mattress that wraps you up, and gives your spine support while adapting to your body shape. It's a perfect solution to rebalance wrong posture.

Original Bamboo H25

he Original Bamboo is an exceptionally comfortable Memory Foam mattress, that is ideal if you like to sleep on the side.

Plain Memo H22

Memo Base is a hypoallergenic Memory Foam mattress, made of 1 Expanded layer and 1 Memory Foam layer, with Polyuretane foam and open-cell viscoelastic Memory Foam.

Super Memory H20

per Memory has a 2cm Visco Memory band on each side, 40Gr/Mq dense, that guarantees optimal comfort for your sleep together with the center layer in non-deformable Expanded.

Thermo Memory H24

Thermo Memory provides maximum comfort thanks to a Memory Foam band on one side, which guarantees thermoregulation.

Mattresses Latex and Waterlily

Latex ADX H20

The Latex ADX offers the best support with its H18cm core made of 20% natural Latex and with 5 differentiated zones. Perfect breathability.

Natural Latex 100% H20

The Natural Latex 100% mattress has high elasticity and gives you extreme comfort thanks to its quilted cover in Tencel 100% cellulose

Super Latex H20

uper Latex is a hypoallergenic mattress, with removable lining, made of a syntetic Latex foam band, to adapt perfectly to your body shape, ensuring maximum rest.

Waterlily H20

Our Ergonomic Waterlily in double density allows you to choose the perfect support for your needs and sensibility.

Mattresses Pocket springs

Comfy H25

omfy, just as its name suggests, is extremely comfortable thanks to 800 pocket springs combined with a Memory layer on one side and thermal ViscoMemory on the other side.

Dynamic Comfort H25

amic Comfort with lining in viscose polyester Jacquard fabric, quilted with a thermofused wool padding on one side and a cotton padding on the other side.

Dynamic Comfort H25 with removable cover

Dynamic Comfort with removable cover has a special removable lining on 4 sides in quilted Virgin Polyester.

Dynamic H25

Dynamic is a supporting and soft mattress for an ideal ergonomic comfort.
The inner structure with 1500 pocket springs guarantees comfort and diversified support for different body parts, is combined with pure Expanded 3cm on each side.

Dynamic Memo H25

ynamic Memo is a wrapping, cosy mattress that gives you maximum comfort adapting to specific body parts, thanks to its inner structure made of 1500 pocket springs with 7 differentiated zones combined with a Memory Foam layer.

Dynamic Plus H26

namic Plus has a 2cm Viscomemory and 1500 micro-pocket springs contributes in creating a mattress that offers comfort and diversified support for each body part.

Piano H25

Piano is a one-of-a-kind pocket-spring mattress. With its 2500 pocket springs, Piano gives you optimal comfort and support.

Sensor H30

The Sensor mattress with pocket springs gives excellent freshness and comfort with the latest-generation materials, and it's also certified as medical device.

Mattresses Classic springs

Classic Wool H21

Classic Wool spring mattress offers optimal support thanks to 308 bi-conical steel springs and Expanded side reinforcements.

Mughetto H23

ughetto spring mattress guarantees an optimal support thanks to 384 bi-conical steel springs and Expanded side reinforcements.

Orchid H25

chid is a high-quality spring mattress, with its reinforced structure with 384 bi-conical steel springs.

Orchid H25 with removable cover

rchid with removable cover is a high-quality spring mattress, with its reinforced structure with 384 bi-conical steel springs.

Softy H25

Softy is an ergonomic spring mattress of extreme quality and comfort thanks to the combination of the 2cm Memory band with the reinforced structure with 384 bi-conical steel springs.

Mattresses Vacuum Expanded

Elast Expanded H10-15-20

last is a non-deformable Expanded Polyurethane mattress, available in 3 different heights with hypoallergenic padding.

Everest H20

verest is a non-deformable Expanded Polyurethane mattress, padded with Polyurethane hypoallergenic foam.

Everest H20 with removable cover

Everest with removable cover is a non-deformable Expanded Polyurethane mattress, padded with Polyurethane foam, created to prevent allergic reactions.

Mattresses Hotels and accommodation facilities

Dynamic Fireproof H25

Dynamic Fireproof with 800 springs is the class 1lM, fireproof mattress, with individual pocket springs an, that guarantee comfort and diversified support to specific body parts.

Dynamic Fireproof H27 with PillowTop

ynamic Fireproof 1500 micro-springs + PillowTop is a class 1lM fireproof mattress, offering comfort, support and a high-quality rest even to the most needy guests.

Fireproof Expanded H14-16-18-20

Fireproof Expanded is made with fireproof expanded Polyurethane and lined with a non-deformable Jacquard lining, available in various thicknesses.

Fireproof Expanded H27 with PillowTop

Fireproof Expanded Pillow Top is a special high-quality mattress for hotels and accommodating facilities, that combines fireproofing and comfort, with its non-deformable Expanded Polyurethane band and Pillow Top.

Fireproof Expanded Luxury H24

Fireproof Expanded Luxury H24cm has a non-deformable, fireproof Expanded core, to guarantee maximum safety and comfort (class 1IM). It's ideal for facilities that need a supporting mattress.

Fireproof Expanded with removable cover H18-20-22

Fireproof Expanded with removable cover is a fireproof class 1lM mattress, made with non-deformable Expanded Polyurethane, available in 3 different heights, removable and washable.

Fireproof Luxury Springs H20

Fireproof Luxury Springs is a fireproof mattress, class 1lM, with 384 bi-conical steel springs and reinforced spring system, Expanded core and lateral anti-drowning boxes.

Superior quality and craftmans taste

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