Mattresses Ergonomic memories

Absolute H26

Removable cover with Memory Foam Pillow Top

Ergonomic memories

Absolute H26

Absolute H26

The Absolute H26 Mattress, with a totally removable cover, is designed to give you excellent comfort and freshness thanks to latest generation material.

Its removable cover in Biocotton™ fiber is created with organic biological cotton, recyclable and washable at 30°C, not just for your well-being, but for the planet's too. When producing biological cotton we do not use chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides or phytochemicals. By sleeping on a Biocotton fabric you will also prevent skin allergies and encourage humidity from your skin to evaporate.

The Memory Foam Pillow Top complements the Absolute Mattress, with a built-in zip on all 4 sides. MEDICAL DEVICE

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Technical features

Slab with 4 differentiated layers

  • Firmness: Ergonomic
  • Suggested bed base: Ergonomic - Slatted base
  • Non-deformability guarantee: 10 years
  • Fillings: hypoallergenic white fiber 300gr/mq
  • Pillow top: removable Memory Foam
  • Cover: washable at 30° (except Pillow top)

The core in Expanded H22cm, is made of 4 different layers:

  1. Visco-elastic Waterlily™, which molds according to your body shape
  2. Panther comfort, giving you the same comfort in all its parts
  3. Cross-linked Expanded, for a perfect transpiration
  4. Panther comfort, giving you the same support in all its parts
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Superior quality and craftmans taste

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