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Dynamic Fireproof H25

Dynamic Fireproof with 800 springs is the class 1lM, fireproof mattress, with individual pocket springs an, that guarantee comfort and diversified support to specific body parts.

Dynamic Fireproof H27 with PillowTop

ynamic Fireproof 1500 micro-springs + PillowTop is a class 1lM fireproof mattress, offering comfort, support and a high-quality rest even to the most needy guests.

Fireproof Expanded H14-16-18-20

Fireproof Expanded is made with fireproof expanded Polyurethane and lined with a non-deformable Jacquard lining, available in various thicknesses.

Fireproof Expanded H27 with PillowTop

Fireproof Expanded Pillow Top is a special high-quality mattress for hotels and accommodating facilities, that combines fireproofing and comfort, with its non-deformable Expanded Polyurethane band and Pillow Top.

Fireproof Expanded Luxury H24

Fireproof Expanded Luxury H24cm has a non-deformable, fireproof Expanded core, to guarantee maximum safety and comfort (class 1IM). It's ideal for facilities that need a supporting mattress.

Fireproof Expanded with removable cover H18-20-22

Fireproof Expanded with removable cover is a fireproof class 1lM mattress, made with non-deformable Expanded Polyurethane, available in 3 different heights, removable and washable.

Fireproof Luxury Springs H20

Fireproof Luxury Springs is a fireproof mattress, class 1lM, with 384 bi-conical steel springs and reinforced spring system, Expanded core and lateral anti-drowning boxes.

Superior quality and craftmans taste

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