Bed Bases

Wood-Metal bed bases


Bed Bases Wood-Metal bed bases

Firm Galaxy

Firm Galaxy is made with an iron frame with special structure in shaped profile and a double frame, combined with 14 beechwood slats with a special Polyethilene holder.

Firm Multicomfort

Firm Multicomfort is a special ergonomic bed base, with a double structure iron frame and beechwood slats inserted in SEBS slat-holders, with differentiated firmness on the shoulders and firmness-regulation on the lower-back. .

Firm Plus

Firm Plus is a iron and wooden bed base, with reinforced structure thanks to its 8cm height for resistance and aesthetic yield, together with the 14 beechwood slats; fixed feet or wheeled feet.

Firm Sofia

Firm Sofia has an iron frame, and a shaped profile 40x20 structure with high-resistance plastic material, welding-free, and 13 birchwood slats located on a special Polyethilene holder.

Galaxy APT

Galaxy ATP is characterized by a double manual movement for head and feet, and a mattress-stopper; iron frame with special structure in shaped profile, and firmness-regulation system on the lower-back area.

Motorised Galaxy

Galaxy Motorised is a motorised bed base with triple movement, mattress-stopper on the headboard and footboard and 14 beechwood slats with firmness-regulators.

Motorised Multicomfort

Motorised Multicomfort is a special ergonomic and motorised bed base with 3 joints, allowing you to find the best position to sleep in, especially if you suffer from blood circulation or postural problems. Differentiated firmness and firmness-regulation system on the lower-back area.

tachable Ginevra Kit

Ginevra Kit is a bed base in a removable version, with an iron frame and a shaped profile structure together with 13 birch slats housed in a special polyethylene support. It can be easily packed and carried in a box.

Superior quality and craftmans taste

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