Cushions Memory


Memory Baby measures Cm 67x37, H7 Cm, perfect for kids.


Memory Pillow (Low) has the following measurements: Cm 70x40, H9 Cm, fresh cover in Nilit Breeze fabric.


Our Medium Memory Pillow has a fresh Nilit Breeze lining and the following measurements: Cm 72x42, H13 Cm.


Memory Orthocervical is ideal if you suffer from cervical, with waves at different heights on each side.

ow and Hollow Orthocervical

ow and Hollow Orthocervical Memory Pilow, made with Viscoelastic fabric, with a middle hollow shape offering two levels of support.


Our Washable Memory Pillow is the perfect soft and transpirant solution, with slow-release Memory Air Sense.

Superior quality and craftmans taste

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