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Quality with artisan taste and industrial attitude

The attention we pay to details and different stages of production allow us to offer a comfortable, solid and high quality product.

Bisniflex has been producing mattresses for over 20 years, a long term passionate work in search of comfort and quality for its customers. The headquarters, located near Poggibonsi, include the production department and the showroom, where, in addition to mattresses and bed bases, it is possible to find a wide range of coordinated accessories.

The care and the experience of our craftsmen, the choice of fabrics, the control of quality, the scrupulous manual assembly are combined with the industrial processing phases and the production capacity of our new headquarters in Pian dei peschi in Poggibonsi, Siena. And just like that, Bisniflex mattresses became a beautiful and reliable product overtime with the guarantee of a serious company behind them.

Delivery and warehouse

Prompt deliveries and an always organized warehouse

Several shipments leave every day to reach customers from our production site in Poggibonsi

The raw material warehouse is located next to the production department for a prompt supply for the creation of our mattresses.

Bisniflex and the environment

The province of Siena has awarded Bisniflex s.r.l. with the certificate of commitment to protect the environment and its contribution to achieving the Terre di Siena Carbon Free goal.

Bisniflex implements saving policies, such as recycling waste materials from processing or investment for photovoltaic panels for energy. A good sales strategy and a wise industrial choice allow you to settle your accounts during the day and sleep peacefully on a Bisniflex mattress at night.

Superior quality and craftmans taste

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