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Orchidea Removable Cover H24CM

Orchidea Sprung Mattress with removable hypo-allergenic aloe vera cover, containing millions of micro-capsules with essence of aloe vera, with anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, antibiotic and regenerative properties that favour the well-being of a person.
Machine washable to 40C.
Transpirant facing with 4 handles. Internal structure 384 bi-conical springs O 2.4mm and box with lateral reinforcements in expanded polyurethane 30kg/mc.

Mattress cover with Aloe Vera, a natural substance known as the well-being plant.
Its innumerable virtues and its therapeutic properties make it a curative plant without equal.
Aloe Vera, originally from Africa, is a plant with regenerative, anti-inflammatory and fungicidal properties.

Aloe Vera has a strong enzyme content that digest essential nutrients that help to purify the body or assist our immune system to eliminate toxins and reduce the secondary effects of medicines.
The treatment of the fabric with Aloe Vera consists in the application of millions of micro-capsules that release the beneficial substances of Aloe Vera on contact with the skin, favouring the well-being of the person.

The Ecolabel trademark certifies that all the phases of production of our products and those of our suppliers conform with the European law regarding the protection of the environment.


Support: Rigid
Type of Bed frame recommended: Fixed Slats
Non-deformity guarantee: 10 years
Mattress H24cm
Mattress cover Aloe Vera fabric
Expanded polyurethane 3 cm thick, density 30 Kg. mc.
Light-coloured needle felt 1100 gr/mq
384 bi-conical springs in steel O 2.4mm