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Latex Dynamic H23CM

Latex Dynamic Mattress rigid support high load bearing with removable padded mattress lining in hypo-allergenic fibre. Bamboo fabric cover.
Three dimensional transpirant facing with 4 handles. Internal structure box support with lateral reinforcements of expanded polyurethane density 30kg/mc. 800 springs independently wrapped in differentiated zones to offer comfort and diversified support to the specific areas of the body in question.
Support block of 3cm in latex coupled with reinforced jute.

Mattress cover in fabric with fibres from the Bamboo plant. 100% biodegradable.
The transformation and production processes don't have any environmental impact.
Thanks to its structure the Bamboo fibres allow excellent breathability and conservation of colour.
Bamboo fibre carries out an important anti-bacterial action, does not cause allergies and gives the fabric softness and resistance.

The Ecolabel trademark certifies that all the phases of production of our products and those of our suppliers conform with
the European law regarding the protection of the environment.


Support: Rigid
Type of Bed frame recommended: Ergonomic
Non-deformity guarantee: 10 years
Mattress H23cm