Production and sale mattresses and bedframes

Comfy H25CM

Comfy weight bearing mattress, comfortably soft for ideal ergonomics.
Cover in stretch viscose material, quilted with cannette design.
Hypo-allergenic padding fibre 130gr/mq plus 1.9cm of Visco Memory density 40gr/mq on one side, Hypo-allergenic fibre 130gr/mq plus 1.9cm of Visco Memory density 55gr/mq. Thermal on the other side.
Stitched facing with 4 handles. Internal structure 800 independently wrapped springs in 7 differentiated zones.
Block and box with lateral reinforcements of Expanded Polyurethane 30kg/mc.

The Ecolabel trademark certifies that all the phases of production of our products and those of our suppliers conform with the European law regarding the protection of the environment.


Support: Ergonomic Rigid
Type of Bed frame recommended: Ergonomic - Fixed Slats
Non-deformity guarantee: 10 years
Mattress H25cm
Viscose fabric with cannette design
Memory padding 1,9 cm.
Block of Expanded Polyurethane thickness 3cm. 30Kg/mc.
800 Molle Insacchettate Indipendenti
“Box” structure in Expanded Polyurethane Density 30Kg/mc.