Production and sale mattresses and bedframes

Eco Sprung Mattress

Fireproof Sprung Mattresses, internal “box” structure with lateral reinforcements in expanded polyurethane 30kg/mc.
Reinforced springing version 384 springs. Class 1 iemme.

Il marchio Ecolabel certifica che tutte le fasi di lavorazione dei nostri prodotti e quelle dei nostri fornitori sono conformi alle normative Europee in tema
di tutela ambientale.


Support: Rigid
Type of Bed frame recommended: Fixed Slats
Non-deformity guarantee: 7 years
Fireproof fabric
Thermofused padding300gr/mq
Expanded polyurethane 0.6cm thick, density 25
Light-coloured needle felt 1200gr/mq
308 bi-conical springs in steel O 2.2mm
Mattress H18cm