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Giampy Memory H22CM

Giampy Memory Mattress Ergonomic and Body shaping Removable hypo-allergenic, anti-mite cover.
Cover quilted in silver stretch fabric.
Machine washable to 40C. Three dimensional transpirant facing.
Internal Mattress Block two layers: Expanded Polyurethane Density 40kg/mc, Expanded Polyurethane Density 25kg/mc.

Air Advanced Memory is made with a polyurethane foam, viscoelastic memory foam in open cells.
It guarantees absolute breathability and the constant change of air to prevent the formation of damp spots that are fertile ground for the proliferation of mites and bacteria.

SilverSafe fibre with a silver base guarantees over time its antimicrobial function and it resistant to numerous washes.
In addition to inhibiting the activity of enzymes and the multiplication of microbes, it dissipates annoying electrostatic charge.
Regulates body temperature thanks to the irradiating power that conserves body heat and reflective power that distributes human body heat towards the exterior in an even manner.
It has further been proven that silver fibre shows strong anti-odour properties.

The Ecolabel trademark certifies that all the phases of production of our products and those of our suppliers conform with
the European law regarding the protection of the environment.


Support: Ergonomic
Type of Bed frame recommended: Ergonomic
Non-deformity guarantee: 5 years
Vacuum packed also available
Mattress H22cm
Expanded Polyurethane Density 40KG/MC H2cm
Expanded Polyurethane Density 25KG/MC H18cm