Production and sale mattresses and bedframes


DNA Ergonomic Mattress support in differentiated zones to perfectly follow the shape of the body creating the correct distribution of weight.
Hypo-allergenic Dri-Release totally removable mattress cover. Machine washable to 40°C. Three dimensional transpirant facing with 4 handles.
Internal structure fibreglass springs encapsulated in foam in 7 differentiated zones completed with High Density Memory block and Acqua Pur block.

The cover with Dri-Release™ unites the benefits of cotton and polyester, absorbs dampness from the skin and is soft to the touch.
The Freshguard treatment in the fabric completely eliminates odours.
Wash after wash Dri-Release remains unchanged over time.
The fabrics made with Dri-Release always remain soft and with high absorbency.

The Ecolabel trademark certifies that all the phases of production of our products and those of our suppliers conform with
the European law regarding the protection of the environment.


Support: Ergonomic
Type of Bed frame recommended: Ergonomic
Non-deformity guarantee: 10 years
Mattress H23cm
Memory Block
Fibreglass springs encapsulated in foam in differentiated zones
Acqua Pur block